The Benefits of Stickers to Enhance Your Packaging

28 Feb.,2023


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When you walk down the aisle in the supermarket, what is the first thing that catches your eye? Glossy, colorful looking stickers of brands on products attract consumers the most. You can buy the cheapest thing in the store, and you still get the product wrapped in tissue and put into a pink box with an elegant sticker that can make you happy instantly.

Packaging can make a product more or less desirable for the customer. It is another key part of the brand expression and includes the physical form of the product as well as its wrapping and configuration. Stickers on the packaging add more to the brand experience by providing yet another opportunity to project the emotion and character of the brand and draw consumers towards your product even if they are unfamiliar with its contents.

Why are stickers used on the packaging?

The sticker label is an integral part of the packaging. It helps the consumer to know more about the contents of the product. Professional and engaging packaging and label can be the difference between landing a sale or missing one. Adding a sticker label or stamp helps you display your business name and contact information prominently, so customers can reorder or have a quick reference for referrals. There’s no need to add the extra expense of printing on the cardboard boxes and these stickers add inexpensive glitz to your product.

Benefits of using Stickers on Packaging

Labeling is very closely interrelated with packaging and is used for identification, promotional, informational and legal purposes. Their sizes differ based on the size of the product and carry varying amounts of information.

  • Stickers display how safe and fresh your products are.

Stickers on packaging display many things - the brand name, the registered trademark symbol, standard certifications, package size and content, to product features, nutritional information for food products and supplements, potential presence of allergens and additives, type and style of the product, number of servings, care instructions, directions for use and safety precautions, the name and address of the manufacturer, expiration date, seals of approval, and other facts. The sticker tags may also show the product’s environmental impact by displaying the use of chemicals or the use of organic, renewable, or recycled materials. Printing the expiration dates in bold and environmental impact data on product stickers attract more consumers on the run owing to the increased environmental and health awareness.

  • Stickers add as colorful inserts in packaging.

Stickers can add as informational inserts in packaging to carry care instructions or details of the product in packaging. When colorful photographs and graphics are used in packaging to create a theme, these stickers can be used as inserts so that it does not change the external look of the packaging and at the same time offer information about the product in detail. The benefits of using these inserts in packaging are:

  • These printed stickers need not be dated so that you can reuse the same inserts for other purposes like mailers or future offers.
  • Instead of printing expiry dates or offers directly on the packaging, use colorful attention-grabbing stickers that can be stuck on individually, hand-printed on small runs, or run through a desktop laser printer and affixed for a big lot of packaging.
  • Try to use stickers, with bold printing small individually dated deadline inserts to indicate when a special offer ends.

  • Stickers are effective marketing tools.

Your products may have an existing brand identity and customer loyalty already. You can improve your packaging and labeling to boost the strength of your brand image.

  • Update the appearance in defined intervals with colors, aesthetics, and shapes to appeal to your top consumers who will start waiting for your promotions.
  • Refreshing the look is more important than updating the look of your product. Make sure your stickers adhere to the ESP you have developed and uses the colors you have selected to protect your brand’s best and most relevant attributes.
  • Refresh the look of sticker inserts to improve their appearance. Make them clearer and more useful to ensure that these inserts instill a sense of pride in owning the product. 
  • Add a short phrase or logo to communicate your ESP. Use stickers to communicate your new features or advantages of using your product if you don’t want to throw out a large inventory of boxes in your warehouse.
  • Stickers set the style for your product.

Stickers set the style for your brand and this can either attract or alienate the product depending on the way it projects itself to the audience. Short, attractive anecdotes written on product stickers can be the best alternative to advertising. 

The label should help in instilling the customer’s curiosity to try your product by eliciting a clear and prompt “I should try this now!” thought in the mind among other products on offer. See-through front stickers printed on transparent packaging offer the promise of shelf impact with a new look. Opting for graphic designs unique to your product ESP and enticing at the same time is essential so that it does not confuse the consumer and will eventually result in an increase in your sales.

  • Stickers make your products look upscale.

Labeling your item can help your customers remember your company. Website catalogs are crowded with similar products that customers are looking for and packaging with attractive stickers can help to get all attention on your product.

Look for stickers with effective snappy graphics to liven up product appearance and to give a more upscale look that matches your products and makes your customers come back for repeat purchases. The stickers on packaging can also add a luxury element to your products making it look premium and of high quality to the customers. They also give a customized look to your packaging with the unique design and graphics.

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Size, shape, and colors used in stickers is also key to brand identification and become part of the brand. Product stickers not only aid in product identification and promotion but also contain a great deal of information to help customers make proper selections.

Enhance your product packaging with smart looking stickers and create an everlasting impression of your brand in your customer’s mind!

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