Holographic Prints

22 Nov.,2022


holographic printing paper

How to Order Holographic Prints

Ordering holographic prints is easy! On the order page the following paper stocks are available under "Paper Type":

  • Light Card Stock - Holographic
  • Heavy Card Stock - Holographic
  • Extra Heavy Card Stock - Holographic

This stock can be used for prints up to 12 x 18" (no bleed).

Fixed Pricing

We offer special pricing for 11 x 17" and 12 x 18" prints! You will find the following fixed rates for each stock at either size:

  • Light Card Stock - Holographic: $2.35 per print
  • Heavy Card Stock - Holographic: $2.45 per print
  • Extra Heavy Card Stock - Holographic: $2.55 per print

For the best outcome in vibrancy, we suggest using our holographic finishing on darker designs. Deep blues and purple really bring out the holographic shards. The visibility of the holographic effect on lighter colors is minimal, and is non-existent on areas of white.

Holographic Stickers

CatPrint also offers holographic stickers! Our holographic stickers also use the same glass shard holographic overlay, so you can be sure that they are consistent with our holographic prints.

For more information on our holographic stickers, visit our sticker page.

Holographic Stickers
Free Hard-Copy Proofs

CatPrint highly recommends ordering a free hard-copy proof prior to committing to your full order. Ordering a free hard-copy proof will allow you to see just how the holographic stock will compliment your prints, and allow for you to make necessary adjustments if needed before submitting the final order.