Why use Chipboard over Corrugated? chipboard pallet sheet, Toronto, Canada, USA

22 Nov.,2022


Corrugated Box Equipment

Why use Chipboard Boxes instead of Corrugated Boxes?

The first benefit of using chipboard boxes is that they generally have a more attractive appearance than corrugated boxes. This makes them ideal for consumer products from the food or health and beauty sectors. You can also incorporate up to eight different colours into the design of a chipboard box, something that isn’t possible with a corrugated box.

When shipping bulky products, a corrugated box is usually your best option. Chipboard boxes, however, are far better for shipping retail or consumer products that need to look their best.

Why use Chipboard Pallet Sheets over Corrugated Pallet Sheets?

When shipping products from the food industry, safety and hygiene are key. Using a chipboard pallet sheet guarantees food-grade cleanliness. This is because a chipboard sheet is solid and flat; the fluted construction of a corrugated sheet allows for the entry of dirt and pests, which is a particular problem when shipping over long distances.

Chipboard sheets are also more affordable, often costing only half the price of a corrugated sheet. They take up less room in a warehouse space – 2,000 can be stored on a single skid; only 500 corrugated sheets can be stored on one. This saves on warehouse and storage space, which is a big advantage.

Why use Chipboard Tier Divider Sheets over Corrugated Tier Divider Sheets?

Tier divider sheets should be used when stacking boxes on a wooden skid in preparation for shipping. Typically, you will place a divider sheet at every second or third layer of boxes to add stability. When using divider sheets, boxes are less likely to fall over during transit.

Both chipboard and corrugated sheets can be used for this kind of stabilization; the difference is that chipboard takes up less room. Corrugated sheets are thicker and occupy more space on the skid. As a result, using chipboard tier divider sheets can save space in your warehouse.

Why use a Chipboard Push-pull Sheet instead of a Corrugated Push-pull Sheet?

A push-pull sheet takes the place of a wooden pallet during shipping. It rests under the product and has two lips on either side, which allow it to be picked up by a forklift attachment.

You can get chipboard and corrugated push-pull sheets, but chipboard sheets are sturdier and more durable. This is because they are made from virgin kraft fibres which are very strong, particularly in comparison with corrugated sheets. It is very difficult to damage a chipboard push-pull sheet, which means it’s also the more cost-effective option.

Why use Chipboard Pads versus Corrugated Pads?

Packaging pads are often used to protect individual products, or as a stiffener in letters or mailers. This means that the end customer will often come into contact with them. As a result, the appearance of the pad is very important. Of the two materials, chipboard pads appear neater and cleaner than corrugated pads, which often look rough due to the way they are cut.

Chipboard pads also take up less room – giving more space for the product – and weigh less, which makes shipping cheaper and easier.

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