Why choose rPET (Recycled PET Plastic) cups over PLA (Plant Based Cups)

24 Nov.,2022


RPET Material

When choosing EnviroCup as a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic cups (made from raw plastic material), it is also important to consider why rPET can be also be a sustainable alternative to PLA (Plant Based, compostable/biodegradable) cups.


What is rPET?: PET, polyethylene terephthalate (aka PETE) is a plastic material made from polymer chains used for many food containers. rPET-1, the material used to make EnviroCup, is the most recycled plastic in the world with over 2 billion pounds of used PET containers recovered in Canada and the US yearly. The “r” in front of PET means that the container is produced using recycled PET post-consumer plastic containers/bottles. rPET has many incredible properties that make it a fantastic sustainable solution, helping preserve our environment.

What is PLA?: PLA, polylactic acid, is a biopolymer material typically made from the starch of plants like corn that can be formed into containers with similar properties and transparency to plastic. PLA is marketed as eco-friendly for its unique properties.

  • PLA is made from a renewable source, typically corn, which can be grown over and over without removing valuable resources from the Earth.
  • PLA is compostable meaning the material can be broken down into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass (soil) in composting facilities
  • PLA fully disintegrates and leaves no toxic residue, supporting plant growth in the soil