What's The Difference Between Single-layer Paper Cup And Double-layer Paper Cup?

23 Nov.,2022


paper cup with handles

With the rapid development of China's economy, disposable paper cups, as a kind of household necessities, have become an indispensable daily necessities for families, restaurants, offices and other places. Its changeable shape, bright color and the characteristic of not afraid of wrestling are loved by many people. At present, the paper cups sold in the market are generally made of single-layer paper in the structural design. Generally, the strength of the paper cups is low. After the hot water is filled, the cup body is easy to deform, and the poor heat insulation effect is not antiskid. The following editor introduces the function of the double-layer paper cup.

Double paper cup

Single layer paper cup is one of the disposable paper cups, also known as single-sided coated paper cup, which is the layer inside the paper cup with smooth PE coating single layer cup is generally used to hold drinking water, convenient for people to drink. Single room raw materials are made of food grade wood pulp paper + food grade PE film. As the name implies, double-layer paper cup means that the paper cup is double-layer and has two layers. The quality of double-layer paper cup is better than that of single-layer paper cup. The use time of double-layer paper cup is longer than that of single-layer paper cup. It can also be used to hold hot drinks, such as hot coffee.

In order to expand the application of paper cups, in 1940, straight wall double-layer paper cups were put into the market. This paper cup is not only easy to carry, but also can hold hot drinks. After that, the manufacturer coated latex on these cups to cover the taste of the paper cup material, and strengthen the leakproofness of the paper cup. The single-layer wax coated cup after latex coating is widely used to hold hot coffee. The double-layer paper cup comprises a base and a double-layer paper cup body composed of an inner layer paper cup body and an outer layer paper cup body. The inner or outer surface of each layer of paper cup body is provided with uneven reinforcing ribs. The surface composed of the uneven reinforcing ribs is concave and convex. The inner layer paper cup body and the outer layer paper cup body are sealed and pasted.