What Is UHMWPE Material Used for?

06 Dec.,2022

When it comes to choosing the right polymer for your particular project, there are so many possibilities to choose from that it can be difficult to make a decision.


When it comes to choosing the right polymer for your particular project, there are so many possibilities to choose from that it can be difficult to make a decision. If you are looking for a strong, lightweight and durable plastic, UHMWPE may be the best choice for you. This plastic, often referred to as UHMWPE, often gets attention and is not widely used by manufacturers and companies.

But the plastic has proven to be ideally suited to industrial and commercial use. And for good reason too - it offers many advantages over other types of plastic on the market. 

UHMWPE Mining Pipe

UHMWPE Mining Pipe

What are UHMW materials?

As mentioned earlier, UHMW stands for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. The large molecular weight and surface area of UHMW (between 3 and 6 million molecules) are key to the material's outstanding qualities. As a result, UHMW is ideally suited to high temperature locations as it does not melt or turn into a molten liquid.

What are polyethylene plastics?

Generally speaking, polyethylene plastic has many beneficial uses. When precautions must also be taken, it is suitable due to its strength and longevity. Let's look at UHMWPE material and how it can benefit you, covering a range of commercial and industrial uses.


UHMWPE does not meet the criteria as PTFE is commonly used in automotive applications in high temperature environments. However, there are a variety of applications where components function at room temperature, such as automotive doors, seats, handles, etc., where UHMWPE can find many uses. We know that UHMWPE is used for wear strips in automotive doors. UHMWPE wear strips are often a good and economical alternative to PTFE wear strips.




Although legal restrictions prohibit the use of materials other than PTFE in POT bearings, there are several plain bearing applications that do not comply with government regulations and are therefore potential uses for UHMWPE. UHMWPE can be used in the successful manufacture of plain sliding pads and plain bearings.


PTFE has historically been used as an insulating material for many electronic components. We have successfully tested the suitability of UHMWPE for these applications in several instances and have convinced customers to make the switch.

Food service cabinets

Materials used in food service must be easy to sterilise and at the same time prevent the growth of mould and bacteria. In addition, the material must be durable enough to withstand potentially harsh cleaning agents. uHMW is strong enough to withstand a wide range of cleaning agents and is rust resistant. The best part is that it is available in a variety of finishes, making it easy to match UHMW food shelves to existing décor.

UHMWPE conveying systems

UHMWPE material is ideally suited to conveying systems because it can withstand high temperatures, frequent pressure and chemical exposure. The material is also ideally suited to the manufacture of star wheels for conveyor systems, which can speed up and efficiently move goods through the assembly and sorting process.



UHMW polyethylene dock

UHMW is often used for legitimate reasons in the manufacture of docks and dock fenders. This material can withstand moisture for long periods of time and is water resistant. In addition, it is hard-wearing. As a result, there is little risk of damage to it when a vessel hits it while docked.

Boom trucks and outrigger pads

UHMW is commonly used for boom trucks and outrigger pads. Due to its low coefficient of friction and excellent impact strength, UHMWPE material performs well in these high stress applications. Outrigger pads prevent cranes and boom trucks from slipping on unstable construction sites. In addition, UHMWPE material performs well outdoors as it can withstand a wide range of temperatures.

UHMW Polyethylene Body armor

You may be surprised to hear that impact resistance makes UHMW plastic the perfect material for bulletproof vests. In addition, it is flexible and lightweight, comfortable to wear, and can be twisted into the various sizes and shapes needed to properly shape armour.

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