What is RPET? How Plastic Bottles Recycle into Eco-Friendly Items

24 Nov.,2022


RPET-Ultra-clean Polyester Pellets

Recycled PET or RPET: What is it, how is it made, what makes it an eco-friendly material, and what can be made with it?

Recycling and products made from recycled materials have been around since ancient times. From patriots “recycling” a statue of King George III into bullets to be used in the Revolutionary War to a vital part of conservation efforts during the Great Depression, it’s been part of our country’s history. However, when we think of recycling today, we usually think of the big plastic bins where we toss glass, aluminum, paper, and plastic containers. New recycling methods and materials made from recycled items have exploded in our environmentally conscious modern world.

Modern recycling technology is as much about preserving resources as it is about preserving the health of our planet. The rush to protect and maintain the Earth has produced many innovations in sustainable manufacturing of the items we use every day, and it can be hard to keep up. But for companies and organizations dedicated to going green, it is necessary to try. Some kinds of recycling are more sustainable than others, and as a decision maker for your organization, you need the facts to make decisions that you are comfortable with.

This article will lay out the process of creating rPET so that you can evaluate where it may figure into your sustainability goals. For businesses, rPET can be a greener solution to breakroom and office supplies. Eco-friendly products made from rPET textiles also make responsible company swag, corporate gifts, Earth Day gifts, and promotional items. Along with other solutions like renewable energy and resources and clean manufacturing processes, rPET can be part of a comprehensive sustainable vision. Below, find out what rPET is and what it can do for you.