What is the Future of the Masterbatch Market?

29 Nov.,2022


A recent study by Ceresana Market Research in Germany shows that global demand for masterbatches is expected to reach nearly 5.5 million tons by 2031. This indicates that the masterbatch market will continue to be incredibly dynamic and grow.

The fastest growth for all product types during the forecast period will be in China and India. China is the world's largest supplier of masterbatches, with the majority of its output going to its vast manufacturing sector.


white color masterbatches


white color masterbatches


Masterbatch Classification


Masterbatch products are mainly based on high-quality polypropylene and polyethylene-based filled masterbatch, white masterbatch, black masterbatch, color masterbatch, transparent masterbatch, and functional masterbatch. According to the study, the global color masterbatch market is fairly evenly distributed in terms of volume among the four major types of black, white, color, and functional masterbatches. Although in terms of value, color masterbatches dominate the market. However, the functional masterbatch market is expected to grow faster than other masterbatch products due to the surge in demand for more advanced product formulations.

According to statistics, white color masterbatches and black color masterbatches were the largest market share last year. These two masterbatches are mainly used in toys, appliances, auto parts, consumer products, furniture, and movies. This trend is likely to continue during the forecast period with the increasing demand for functionality and the appearance of products from users.

Functional masterbatches are widely used for the various properties they impart to plastics, such as dehumidification, antistatic, antibacterial, heat stabilization, metal passivation, anti-adhesion, flame retardant, and abrasion resistance. Growth in the packaging industry, especially plastic packaging, is expected to drive the demand for masterbatches.


 black color masterbatches


black color masterbatches


Masterbatch Applications


Masterbatches are used in various end-use industries and some of the important applications include packaging, construction, consumer goods, transportation, textile, and agriculture as it imparts useful functional properties such as smooth surface finish and desired hardness. Increasing the spending power of customers to purchase well-packaged consumer goods is expected to trigger demand for various plastic components that use masterbatches to improve appearance and other properties. These factors are expected to boost market demand over the forecast period.

All these have a significant impact on the supply and structure of the masterbatch industry and its future direction.

By reading this article, readers are expected to understand the key trends in masterbatches that are driving market and trade flows globally and to make critical investment and marketing decisions.

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