PVC Air Hose or Rubber Air Hose: Which to Choose?

21 Nov.,2022

When choosing an air hose, most people choose between PVC and rubber.


When choosing an air hose, most people choose between PVC and rubber. However, there are differences between these two types of hoses and you are better off choosing the right air hose for you. Here is a comparison between them for you to choose the right air hose.




PVC hose


1. Material


PVC is a synthetic plastic polymer made from lightweight plastic and is one of the most widely produced polymers in the world. It is scratch-resistant, harder, and denser than ordinary plastic.
Rubber is derived from an elastic substance extracted from the milky sap of tropical plants. Since rubber is made of a flexible material, rubber hoses are relatively soft and are a common material in the industry.


2. Robust


PVC has a harder material and is therefore more difficult to twist and tougher than rubber.
Rubber is also a good material because it has an outer mesh layer that provides excellent resistance to obstacles and punctures.
But in terms of sturdiness, PVC wins because of its resistance, as rubber bends too easily.


3. Durability


PVC is made of plastic, so durability is not the best. PVC may break after a few uses because it has rigid material that is not pliable.
Rubber, on the other hand, is more durable because it is flexible and its shape can be adapted to your working environment.


4. Flexibility


Rubber air hose is made of naturally stretchable material. As a result, it has better flexibility than PVC.
PVC becomes stiffer in the cold season and may be difficult to handle.


<2>5. Weight


Rubber air hoses can be heavy, but the weight is still manageable. PVC, on the other hand, is much lighter than rubber.


6. Environmental factors


Rubber is versatile and can be used in any season. PVC can become hard and stiff in this weather, which makes it difficult to manage. Rubber is easier to use in winter because it is flexible and does not harden as much as PVC.


7. Price


PVC is an easily available material, so it is cheap for that reason.
Rubber air hose is more expensive than PVC.
If you are looking for a cheaper option and don't want to know too much about the differences between the two types, then PVC is the best air hose for you.


8. PVC or rubber: which to choose?


In general, PVC is stronger and can hold its shape in different situations because it is made of a hard plastic material. However, because it is not flexible enough, it cannot be as versatile as rubber.
Rubber is more useful in many applications because it can adapt well to its surroundings. If your job requires that your air hose not be bent too much, then PVC is the best choice.
The fastest way to know which air hose you will buy is to perceive if you need something flexible or durable. Rubber is a flexible material with resilience, while PVC is a rigid material with resistance. You can choose the right material for that job depending on the type of work you are doing.

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