PE paper cup. Cup made of cellulose with PE coating

23 Nov.,2022


paper cup with handles


The PE paper cup for hot and cold drinks. The cup is made of cellulose with a recyclable and environmentally friendly PE coating.

Paper cup with PE inner layer. This cup is suitable for water or cold drinks, as well as for coffee or hot drinks. It is made of cellulose with a PE inner layer. PE is a thermoplastic polymer that is very strong and flexible. It also protects the drink from heat or cold.

This cup is 100% recyclable due to the materials it is made of. This makes it more environmentally friendly.

In terms of size, this PE paper cup has a capacity of 7oz, or 210 ml.

It is distributed in bags of 50 units. In boxes of 20 bags stackable up to 6 high on pallets. The cup is designed in white with a brown stripe, the natural colour of the cardboard. With a very simple aesthetic.

The cup fits perfectly into the cup dispenser and each bag fits perfectly. Thus, no cup is left out of the bag. This prevents any kind of contamination. In addition, it is convenient to use it with the cup collector to better organise recycling. In this way, you can take advantage of a better control of the recycling to which these cups can be subjected.