How Paper Cup Is Made?

09 Feb.,2023


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How Paper Cup Is Made?

The understanding of hygiene and practical consumption in today’s world motivates users to use cardboard cups as the best option. While fulfilling these needs, the cardboard cup can respond to the demands of both the end consumer and the food companies with its own different usage options.

These disposable products with high recyclability have become a huge industry on their own. The nutritional differences of each country do not make it possible for a standard measure to become popular around the world. But if it is necessary to generalize across the universe, the use of 4oz and 7oz cardboard cups has a more universal structure compared to other products.

Paper Cup Production

All cardboard cups go through the same production processes. Papers produced by manufacturers with FSC certification in industrial forests are then subjected to a laminate process between 15 and 20 microns to act as a liquid barrier. This corresponds to 15 to 20 percent of 1mm. After this process, cardboard cup papers, which are made into bobbins of different sizes for different sizes, are sent to manufacturers in different parts of the world. These manufacturers are the factories that produce the final product. Although production permits in each country are different, it is for the benefit of consumers to prefer manufacturers with standard certificates around the world.

  • Paper cup is a delicate product and products not produced by the right manufacturers can cause dangerous situations.
  • Machine Park and paper selection are directly related to product quality, and this provides most of the quality.
  • In cardboard cups, which is one of the production lines where human labor must be very low, human hands should not be touched, especially in packaging.

Paper Cup Consumption Areas

The cardboard cup, whose invention dates back to the mid-1970s, first introduced itself in the world during the rapidly rising fast food consumption in America. In the fast-moving consumption frenzy, people’s willingness to use it and its high recycling rate, even being biodegradable, are among the leading factors that paved the way for its rise.

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