Daily use of polyurethane materials

01 Dec.,2020

1. Paintings 2.Coatings 3. Adhesive 4. Sofa 5.Mattress 6. Seat


Furniture application

1. Paintings 2.Coatings 3. Adhesive 4. Sofa 5.Mattress 6. Seat

Home appliances

1. Electrical insulation paint; 2. Wire and cable sheath; 3. Insulation layer of refrigerator, refrigerator, disinfection cabinet, water heater, etc.; 4. Waterproof potting sealant for electronic components of washing machines

Construction industry

1. Sealant 2. Adhesive 3. Roof waterproof insulation 4. Cold storage insulation 5.Floor paint 7. Synthetic wood 8. Runway 9. Waterproof plugging agent 10. Plastic floor

Transportation industry applications

1. Seat, armrest, headrest, door panel, instrument panel, steering wheel, bumper, shock cushion, fender;2. Carpet lining, paint;3. Piping of insulated parts;4. Sealing washer;5.

Application of anti-slip chain in shoe and leather industry

1.shoe sole 2. Adhesive 3. Leather finishing agent 4. Artificial leather synthetic leather coating

Application of plastic sports field

Including the laying of track for basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis court), sports clothing (dance suit, swimsuit); Sneaker scooter

Daily use of polyurethane materials