Arranti’s Beyond Spout Pouch

04 Feb.,2023


spout pouch for juice

Beyond Spout “SPOUT POUCH WITHOUT THE SPOUT” … Easy to Use!

Revolutionary Benefits of the Beyond Spout Pouch Introducing a new flexible valve technology providing controlled dispensing and spill-proof containment of liquids in flexible packaging. It’s a discrete flexible valve that yields when pressure is applied to the product compartment enabling controlled dispensing. When squeeze-pressure is released, the valve reoccupies and closes the dispensing channel. 

Check out the Benefits

• Consumer valued, brand differentiating innovation

• Controlled dispensing & convenient. with one-handed functionality

• E-commerce and Eco-friendly package solution

• Production efficient in-line application


Shampoo & Conditioner • Lotions & Gels • Soap & Body Wash • Hand Sanitizer • Household Cleaners • Detergents • Liquid Refills • And Many More!

New Flexible Valve Technology for Liquids


The Beyond Spout Pouch… an exclusive innovation from the Arranti brand of packaging products.