Analysis of Common Problems of Lotion Pump

21 Nov.,2020

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Lotion Pump is also called the push-type lotion pump. It is a kind of liquid dispenser that uses the principle of atmospheric balance to pump out the material and liquid in the bottle by pressing and fill the outside atmosphere into the bottle.

The main performance indicators of the lotion pump: air pressure times, pump output, down pressure, push head opening torque, rebound speed, water intake indicators, etc.

The most typical lotion pump is composed of several parts: press head, braces, cylinder head, cylinder, piston rod, piston, piston head, spring, next item valve, gasket, and hose. But not all lotion pumps must contain these parts. Depending on the specific performance requirements, some parts can be combined or replaced. And then derived a variety of structures of emulsion pumps. But the basic principle is roughly the same.

1.Analysis of common problems of lotion pump

(1) The lotion pump has high air pressure or no liquid.

Reason analysis: A. The length of the hose is too long or the bottle depth is too shallow, which will block the entrance of the hose, resulting in excessively high air pressure of the emulsion pump, and even unable to discharge liquid. B. The one-way valve on the lotion pump or (and) the lower one-way valve is damaged or missing; C. The piston ring is damaged or missing.

(2) It is difficult to rebound and reset after the lotion pump is pressed.

Reason analysis: A. The viscosity of the material liquid is too large, and the return resistance is greater than the elastic force of the spring. For the material with higher viscosity, it is recommended to choose a high-viscosity emulsion pump; B. The check valve under the emulsion pump is blocked or the designed channel cross section is small , The straw is thin, and the finish of the cylinder bore or the outer ring of the piston is not enough.

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(3) Leakage between lotion pump and bottle mouth.

Reason analysis: A. The capping torque applied during filling is not enough;

B. The height of the bottle mouth is too small, causing the upper end of the bottle mouth to not touch the gasket of the lotion pump after the braces are tightened.

(4) After pressing the lotion pump to discharge the liquid, the bottle body is deflated.

Reason analysis: A. The inner diameter of the bottle mouth is too small, which is very close to the outer diameter of the cylinder, and it is easy to block the balance pores under the action of the material liquid; B. The mold wear causes the lack of balance pores to be blocked when the cylinder is formed; C. The neck gas passage design is not correct. It’s too late to fill the bottle with gas.

2.Classification of lotion pump

According to the product areas of the lotion pump application, it can be divided into: Lotion Pump for Body lotion, Lotion Pump for Cleansing water, Lotion Pump for Liquid soap, Lotion Pump for Sun oil, and Lotion Pump for Facial cream

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