A Wide Range of Wholesale paper patch labels for a Better Packaging

17 Nov.,2022


Leather Label

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Have you ever been in one of these circumstances: when you want to know the production date of your sun cream, but the label has been blurred; when you’re enjoying a cup of coffee, then the coffee bag labels drop into the cup; or when you buy a beautiful wine glass, you cannot remove the label without leaving a glue residue? Please go through the extensive list of wholesale paper patch labels at Alibaba.com and find out packaging and labeling that can save your customers from the inconveniences mentioned above.

The main function of packaging labels is to indicate information, so their prints need to be clear. For example, in transportation, labels and QR codes tell the deliverymen where to go. If words or codes on labels cannot be identified, big problems may occur. Find suitable mailing labels for packages and shipping labels for packages in our paper patch labels section and save the shoppers from such problems.

On top of the basic function, labels are also required to be well-designed in some industries such as fashion, skincare, and food. To customize our service, we cooperate with food label designers to make the products more attractive. At the same time, exquisite cosmetic bottle labels are also available. The power of labels should never be underestimated. Lovely soap wrap labels attract more buyers.